What Time Should I Show Up to a Vegas Pool Party?

What Time Should I Show Up to a Vegas Pool Party?

The first time going to any pool party can be sort of nerve-wracking for some people. There are usually a lot of questions leading up to the party such as, what to wear, when to show up to a pool party, and who is the DJ that’s playing. Today we are going to focus on the question “What time should I show up at a pool party?” To make things easier we’ll break it down into three quick categories; early, middle, or late. We’ll discuss the pros of each approach. We will, of course, talk about some of the cons as well, but for the most part, we will focus on the positives only.  Most of this is just preference, but take it from people who are regulars and have been regulars for years at this point. Most of this is opinion coming from someone who lived there in the past and has had plenty of experience figuring out and testing different times to go. We’ll also go over some points that we don’t necessarily agree with just to give you all sides of the debate.  

Early (11-1)

If you’re wondering “What time should I show up at a Vegas pool party?”, showing up early can be advantageous for a few different reasons. It takes the stress out of getting in; sometimes you can catch a day with a big DJ there and it can be difficult to get in at the door. Also, if you have a table you run into issues if you show too late. I would definitely suggest this option for all the big groups. It’ll help with managing the different types of personalities in the group too, so if you’re partying with any nervous folks, this has to be your choice. Even if you’re not the nervous type it will make your day just a bit easier and there will be fewer headaches to deal with. If you’re looking for peace of mind, do yourself a favor and show up early!   

Middle (1-3)

Ever here of showing up fashionably late? Well, if that’s your thing this should be your choice. If you don’t have a table sometimes the middle can be the most fun. You don’t have to rush in the morning to go out and you don’t have to deal with the line craziness that can be the beginning of the party. If you have a table double-check with the promoter that you’ll be allowed to show at these times. Rushing out in the morning can be a pain certainly because whether it’s gambling or partying, most people are up all night. The worst thing that could happen is they sell your table, but usually, as long as there’s communication there’ll be no issues. I’ve been involved in some of that nonsense and trust me it’s no fun whatsoever. It can put a damper on the day even if things do wind up working out. The best thing is that you don’t have to sit through the early lul of everyone finding their tables and starting drink. You’ll walk right into a great party atmosphere.  

Late (3-6)

Usually, at this time there’s absolutely no line to deal with which is always nice. This can cause you to breeze right past the front gate and go directly into partying your day away. Another thing that’s cool is everyone is already ready to go! Sometimes if you get there early there can be a dead part of the day where you’re mostly sitting around watching everyone start to drink and it doesn’t get going until later on anyway. I wouldn’t worry about missing the DJ because usually, they go on really later in the party somewhere around 3:30- 4:00 Pm is a safe bet when they’ll start. However, you take the chance of the place being at capacity or having no tables left. This can be a hassle for some, but if the question “What time should I show up at a pool party?” goes through your end at all, I wouldn’t suggest late simply because you can run into more issues this way and that is no way to spend your day on vacation!   What time should I show up at a pool party? If that question is still going through your head I would probably call the venue and ask someone there all of your issues and they should have a good answer. Most of the time promoters can answer almost every question you’ll have, but if it’s more along the lines of the venue itself; do yourself a favor and call. Either way, check back at Poolparty.com for more information about Pool Parties in 2019.



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