Cannabis at a Vegas Pool Party

Cannabis at a Vegas Pool Party

Often times many guests will get turned away from beach clubs and pool parties for not following the dress code, but now there’s a big growing issue that’s turning even more people away.

Nevada recently welcomed recreational marijuana in 2017, allowing anybody to purchase cannabis with valid identification. However, current laws only allow use in a private residence.

So bother bringing cannabis of any form into a nightclub, day club or pool party. This includes not only joints and pipes, but also CBD/THC vapor pens and edibles. Violating the policy could end up with your stash being confiscated and/or thrown out — and nobody wants to see that. That’s a day ruiner for sure. Nobody wants to deal with those issues on vacation.

This is a big issue because many tourists don’t know any better. Most of them are in Vegas on vacation and they aren’t reading up on the law on their way over. Unfortunately, the hotels and casinos take a hard stance against cannabis since it’s still federally illegal.

All in all, cannabis at a Vegas pool party is just not a good idea. While it might be really tempting to go 420 at a Vegas pool party, we would not suggest it. It’s not worth the hassle or the money that could be wasted if it was to be confiscated. Don’t start your vacation on the wrong foot.

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