Possible Year-Round Pool Party

Possible Year-Round Pool Party Destinations

What’s the worst thing about pool party season? That it has to end! Well, that is usually the case however there are plenty of spots that keep the party going all year-long. Today we are going to do a quick list describing some of these awesome spots around the country.

Arizona Pool Parties

One of the best things about Arizona is the weather. It’s honestly some of the very best in terms of a pool party. It is nice and dry, which means you won’t be sweating to death like you would somewhere else like NYC or Miami in the dead heat. The less humidity the better.

A couple places in Arizona to check out are Scottsdale and Phoenix. They both have a huge party scene that won’t leave you disappointed. The Arizona pool parties simply never close. Now this doesn’t mean that they don’t slow down, because they definitely do, but if you need your fix you can always get it here. Personally, I’ve heard the W at Scottsdale is one of the very best venues to check out.

Miami Pool Parties

There are so many different great things about Miami, but one of the best things is that they rarely ever close their doors. You can go to Miami the majority of the year. Now with that being said they definitely have off seasons and those are obviously winter months. Most of the time the venues will still be open and rocking. These places don’t really get too cold. The lowest the usually go is somewhere between 50-60 degrees, so while it might not be the best time to go you can still have an amazing time.

That’s it for now, but we will be including a lot more in the days to come, so be sure to check back.