Pool Party Insider Tips

Playboy Pool Party Insider Tips

What’s going on everybody? Our plan is to always keep you up on the latest information regarding pool parties of any type. We’ve done some Insider tip posts in the past and we’re not going to stop any time soon. We hope you have been partying up just like we have been at all the hottest pools that Las Vegas and Miami have to offer. If you’ve never been to a pool party it can be intimidating the first time or maybe you’re just going to a new one and are unsure of what the differences might be. Are you also a party animal and would like to have a lot of fun in different kinds of parties? If yes you have all the right to know about the Playboy Pool Party. Out of all the other parties, pool parties are considered as the best by all the party-loving people like you and me. If it is the first time you are getting to know about this kind of party, it’s not too late at all. Just make a booking of yours along with your friends and enjoy it.

Some things might be on your mind like, What do I ask? What are my options? etc. If you’re ever wondering about the nuances of a pool party look no further because we will be going through just a few things to look out for before you go. Don’t worry there will be plenty more updates throughout the year. Always be sure to check our blog for all your 2019 pool party information. We cover Vegas and Miami often, but we also will touch upon many other cities along the way. If you have any special request you can write into our site or our social media, so be sure to interact if there’s something you want to see specifically.

Over this past weekend we checked out the Wet Republic and it did not disappoint as usual. It always delivers an awesome party. Wet Republic has been a great spot to go to for many years at this point and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, for sure it’s a Vegas mainstay. It’s an awesome place for you to check out whether you have a small group or you have a large group looking to go wild. It covers all basis. This time around we chose to go with the table that was very close to the DJ but also covered. Sometimes having a covered table can be just what you need when you were trying to party rather than being out in the sun for the entirety of the party. That’s one thing that people likely wouldn’t know to ask when speaking to the promoter. Always keep that in mind when you were looking to do something like a table or a bottle. There are always many different choices and they are all located in different places some have different advantages such as being covered from the sun, being close to the bar or bathroom, or being right next to the action next to the DJ.


Also, before you book to make sure you check out who the DJ is. That’ll usually give the best indication of how the club will be that day. If it is a big name DJ, you should expect it to get packed and the cover will most likely be much higher than a regular day or a lesser DJ. Booking a table would obviously become more difficult too, so just be aware. This doesn’t mean don’t even try, but you should get ahead of things if you’re worried about being hassled. It really comes down to what you’re looking to spend. Some of the big needle movers like Tiesto, Marshmellow, and many of the biggest names in the DJ world will cost a pretty penny to go see. Also, tables will book up really quick.  The thing is those guys are great, but you could have a similar experience going to see someone maybe not as “big”. You have to realize it’s not like you’ll go to a Vegas pool party and it’ll be packed. I’d suggest you overlook the big names and go for the vibe or the atmosphere.

Call Ahead

Don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask whatever questions that you might have. The only things to really worry about are the dress code and the times in which the party is going on. Most of the time they start around 11AM and they usually end around 6PM, but you never know sometimes they will do some different things, like a “twilight” pool party which typically goes from about 6PM – 12PM. Most of the time you’ll be totally fine, but just double-check. The worst thing that can happen on vacation is getting your whole group ready to go and travel just to the destination only to be told that there is no party or it’s at a different time. Even though you’ll be able to find something else to do it can cause a lot of drama and that’s just something you don’t want to deal with on vacation. Trust me.

These are just a few things you can look out for, but for more tips on how to really enjoy yourself at a Playboy Pool Party keep checking Poolparty.com for more information.