Las Vegas Reopens With A New Socially Distant Format Pool Parties in 2020

Las Vegas Reopens With A New Socially Distant Format Pool Parties in 2020

Las Vegas Pool Parties Reopens after COVID 19

An individual with a facial covering/mask approached a roulette table at the Cosmopolitan on Friday night. He heard a lady ask her companion for the mask that he was wearing. He was sure that the lady was discussing him as he was the only non-worker, on the club floor, who was wearing the mask.

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There is a new reality in Las Vegas, where the Coronavirus Pandemic has been viewed more as a myth than a fact. Only a few people in Vegas are wearing masks as a preventative measure towards the coronavirus.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a majority of Clubs and Casinos were shut down for months and only began to open last Thursday. Regardless of where you went, the new reality does not seem any different than the old one.

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MGM Grand, the Bellagio, and New York – New York, of the MGM Resorts opened on Thursday. In front of these clubs and resort gates, they played “Viva Las Vegas” as people stepped in along with the staff and employees after full three months. All the guests visiting the resort had their temperatures checked at the entry-way. However, a few of the players, playing at the casino, refused to get their temperatures taken and immediately went to the sides to buy a drink.


There were safety guards present too, who separated the players and individuals at the gaming tables. They maintained space between every two seats and the bar. There were hand-washing stations and sanitizers present at the casino-floor and the corners of complimentary masks and gloves too.

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People hardly seemed to follow the rule of maintaining a distance of six feet between each other. Despite this, when the bars were full, people did not keep any distance amongst each other, and there were not any dividers either. Only employees and the staff in Nevada are asked to wear masks and gloves. However, none of the guests are required to wear them. Many people in Las Vegas tipped off money to avoid wearing a mask since they were not worried about the virus anymore.

This still does not affirm that the whole Las Vegas is open, just like the old times. However, people always assume it, as they have been doing their usual activities, like swimming and attending parties all week long.

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All the clubs and beds and cabanas at the Cosmopolitan were sold out immediately after its opening.