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An insider look Into Las Vegas Pool Parties

Vegas Pool Party

Vegas Pool Parties shouldn’t be confused with the standard hotel pools as they charge an entry fee, sometimes up to $50 or more (especially for the guys).  There is not much chilling, relaxing or swimming laps, but rather dancing, partying and plenty of boozing. Here are a few things to look for when considering a Vegas Pool Party.

Think of a pool party at a nightclub during the day with water, minimal clothing, optimal fun.

Most of the festivities take place on the weekends, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (weather permitting, but there’s usually not much to worry about out in Vegas), but some pools are open weekdays, with a much more relaxed vibe. Don’t get it twisted, whenever they’re open it’s a party, but understandably the weekend brings out all the real partiers. I would definitely consider the day when thinking about booking a Vegas Pool Party.

Getting into a day club can be quite the experience with long lines and wait times of a couple hours or more if you’re not in the know!  Also, know that a group of guys might have to wait longer since clubs like these like to have a greater ratio of women to men. It’s just the unfortunate truth about a Vegas Pool Party.

Pool Parties 2019

Vegas Pool Party

There are a bunch of ridiculous pool parties in Las Vegas, but tourists should do some quick research to know which venue will best meet their expectations.

Each day the club offers a different vibe, which creates a unique experience for partiers.  The following day club list describes what you can expect at the top pool parties, highlighting the best aspects of each club.

Know that each of the parties listed is awesome day clubs located on the Vegas Strip and are sure to provide visitors with an out of this world Vegas pool party experience.


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