5 Things Not To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:

5 Things Not To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:

Go in the Pool

Pool Party

Now I know this might seem a little ridiculous to put go in the pool as something not to do it to Vegas pool party but I figured I’d put it first and get it out of the way. The reason that this is first is usually after the initial craziness of your first Vegas pool party, most people tend to actually stay out of the pool. Think about it you spend all morning getting ready to look your best and then within an hour or so the party you wind up in the pool and now your makeup is a mess and your outfit is not looking its best. While some might have no issue with this many other people feel like it is not optimal to go from wet to dry so well a lot I can do a lot of fun we do think you should think about it before you go in. Some of you may have thought we might have been talking about the cleanliness of the pool but honestly and our experience most of the pools have been very clean. I wouldn’t let cleanliness be an issue for you if you’re deciding whether you want to go in or not. On the flip side usually, the weather is pretty warm so if you decide to go and you can usually dry up relatively quickly but it’s just something to think about.

Stay in the Sun

Now here is a big rookie mistake. There are several different reasons why you should not stay in the Sun the entire time for starters sunburns hurt. Make sure you wear some type of sunblock to these pool parties because you never know where you going to be spending most of your time and if you’re in the sun it can lead to a pretty gnarly sunburn. Even if you’re that friend that never Burns I would still go to be cautious and apply some sunblock because Vegas heat in the Vegas Sun can be kind of tough. They do sell it at the clubs however I must say it is very overpriced so make sure you stop at a CVS or Walgreens before you go and yes they are there are few on the Strip so just keep a lookout.

Another reason why it’s not good to stay in the sun is that you can become dehydrated very easily. Why the water should be readily available at the club having access to it isn’t always the easiest to make sure that you plan ahead and go well hydrated. It can be sneaky and I can catch up quickly so just be sure to mix in a few glasses of water in between your drinks. I’ve seen too many peoples days and early due to the fact of something like heat exhaustion so don’t ruin your day and ruin your group outing just because you didn’t drink enough water.

Don’t Overdrink

overdrinking pool party

Another big mistake that a lot of people make is that they tend to over drink at a pool party. Whether it’s the feeling of wow this is my first pool party or we’re going hard because it soon so is a bachelor party, there’s a tendency for people to over drink. Many people don’t realize that how long will really be out there drinking for let’s say you show up at 11 and you get in right away you could potentially be drinking for about 7 hours straight. Also if you have a cabana or they are looking to keep the drinks flowing in the hopes that you’ll buy more at the end of that bottle. Just be aware of your drinking and take it slow.

Come Dressed Like it’s a Nightclub

Club attire

Now another thing you see whenever you go to a pool party is people getting thrown out before they get in just because of the way they’re dressed. You have to have swim attire only and there are also a lot of other rules that pool party is put in place for whatever reason such as in no jerseys or no cargo shorts. Those are just two examples but we recommend that you check in with the venue itself and see exactly what rules they have. It’s kind of comical when you see certain people roll up to pool party in a button down and slacks thinking that it is more like a club. Please make sure that you check ahead so you aren’t an inconvenience to your group.


Forget to Drink Water

water pool party

I know we touched upon the drinking water earlier in this blog however it’s so important that we just decided to talk about it twice. It really sucks watching people get taken out or carried out because of a lack of water. Their day is ruined and usually, there’s not the same feeling in the group after one of your friends is taken out for something as serious as dehydration. So even if you have to buy the waters make sure you spring for it. Be smart out there and be healthy. Other than that kickback and relax an awesome day of partying by the pool.

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We are going to go through any and all pool parties in the Las Vegas area whether it be Marquee Day Club, Wet Republic, or Encore day club. We will also be going through some of the lesser known clubs and pool parties but sometimes those are the real spots to be. So make sure you keep an eye out you keep coming back to poolparty.com for all of your pool party information.


The great thing about Vegas is you can really find the pool party on at almost any hotel however not all of them are or will be what you’re looking for. We have different pools for different occasions, if you want to be surrounded by hundreds of people partying their day away or we also have different opportunities that are much more laid back and could be better suited for different individuals. Either way, poolparty.com has you covered.


Whether you’re pro or a complete novice after reading our blog you’ll have no questions on the pool parties’ do’s and don’ts. Will be doing different blogs about a bunch of different topics such as what to wear at a pool party, what to eat at a pool party, the most happened in spots, and many other different topics that will keep you in the loop on everything you need to know with anything having to do with the pool party.


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Influence Pool Party at the Linq Spotlight

Influence Pool Party at the Linq Spotlight

Most pool parties, unfortunately, will really break the bank, however, there are a few hidden gems throughout Vegas. One of the best gems is Influence, the pool party at the Linq. This is a great option for those who don’t want to spend a ton of money. It will give you some of the same feels like the bigger parties while costing you a fraction of the cost. Some pool parties out there will literally cost you about a month’s rent. Influence, on the other hand, has a lot of affordable options and deals. One of the best reasons to go is they offer free entry to anyone during the week. It’s free and they provide live entertainment the entire time. Another cool thing is – If you’re a local or someone in the industry they even offer two-for-one drinks which is hard to come by for sure.  Even the cabanas are reasonable which is a switch for most places. It’s a shame that a place like this gets overlooked at times. 


There’s really no “right” way to enjoy Influence dayclub, but we would suggest taking advantage of the reasonable cabanas and ordering some drinks to start. One recommendation we have is to try the Honey Buzz Lemonade it’s amazing! They have plenty of other stylish drinks to choose from, but that’s our favorite. Remember this is a 21 and over pool party, not to be confused with the normal hotel pool. 


Remember don’t always just look at the big named pools. The lesser known ones like Influence at the Linq is one that can really deliver a great time for a fraction of the cost. Check back for more insider tips at our blog. Until next time folks.


Breathe Pool Lounge Spotlight

Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge Spotlight

Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge

You may have heard of Rehab at the Hard Rock, but there is also a new party at the Hard Rock and that is Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s nightlife and dayclub crew hinted a few years back that something big was coming, something fun, and something to complement the iconic Rehab pool party that just keeps bringing the party. Rehab is legendary, but Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge is nothing to overlook.

Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge

Awesome views of the Strip are only the beginning of this great venue. You can swim or choose not to at this pool club. They have some different food options too, so double check what they have and don’t go hungry. Signature cocktails are also available so don’t be bashful order what you please!

Many of the insiders have dubbed Breathe as sort of the more laid back version of Rehab. Let’s say it’s the more sophisticated version of the craziness that typically goes on at pool parties. Don’t get things twisted, it is a really fun time, however, it won’t give you that packed, uncomfortable that some of the bigger venues can have at times. I’ve heard so many people call it Vegas’ best-kept secret. Now think about that there are a lot of secrets in Vegas considering that the motto is, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new places. As far as alternatives to the big dayclubs like Wet Republic, Encore Dayclub, and Daylight, Breathe Pool Ultra Lounge is an amazing choice that you won’t.

Check out our blog for additional information.

KAOS Dayclub Spotlight

KAOS Dayclub Spotlight

Kaos Dayclub cabanas

KAOS Dayclub is a huge space, with many floors. It is roughly a 73,000 square foot dayclub that will hold thousands of people. It doesn’t just have one pool, but two premier pools, a bunch of side pools and a lot of cabanas. KAOS Dayclubs decor is a Greek theme and is unlike anything else in Las Vegas. It even has a dome cover so the party never has to stop all year long. Not every pool has this, so it definitely a cool addition.

KAOS Dayclub and their nightclub are separated by a massive retractable glass wall/door that allows clubgoers to easily move between the two spaces. Again, not every pool party has something like this so it definitely adds something to the experience. Also, the nightclub has a rotating DJ booth that allows talent to play to both indoor and outdoor crowds, it is centrally located so you’ll never miss the entertainment. The dayclub has its own main stage, so that’s where the action will take place during the day.

Also, new for 2019, the PALMS’ they will have a massive LED wall which is rumored to be the biggest in Vegas. It will be a sight to be seen for sure. So go ahead and check out the spot and cause a little KAOS. Don’t hesitate and check it out today.

Go Pool Dayclub Spotlight

Go Pool Dayclub Spotlight

The Go Pool Dayclub is a fairly new spot in the party scene of Vegas, but it has not disappointed one bit. They routinely get quality DJ and top notch talent. Just to name a few they are having Greg Lopez, Nick Cannon, DJ Exodus, Ja rule, Flo Rida, and even Vanilla ICE. That last name on the list is quite the throwback, but he still knows how to throw a party that’s for sure. Sometimes the old school vibe is what you’re looking for and you’ll find it at Go Pool at the Palms.

Go Pool Las Vegas


One underrated aspect of the Go Pool at the Palms is how nice the day club actually is. First off, it’s in a great location. It is centrally located within the Palms which is always good. Just be aware that it does tend to get packed, so plan ahead and consider getting a cabana, so you’ll have somewhere to sit and relax for a bit. Their pink and white theme is very noticeable as well, so who knows maybe you’ll want to match.


Some things to know when going to the GO POOL are that it’s open 7 days a week with live entertainment each and every day. This is actually atypical of the other clubs. They also play mostly hip hop during their parties. It tends to be a bit of a different scene than most other day clubs on the strip. You won’t see as much EDM as you would at the other venues.


Don’t be shy to check it out as soon as possible! Book it today with Poolparty.com!

Tao Beach Spotlight

When the weather is hot, TAO Beach offers the best daytime experience in Las Vegas. Every day, guests can reserve to lounge poolside in one of their luxury cabanas that feature such air-conditioning, high definition televisions, WiFi and really cool minibars. There are Asian-inspired daybeds are scattered throughout the beautiful oasis, which also includes a huge bar where guests can sip on the drink of their choice and they even have TAO themed drinks! They are made with fresh exotic ingredients. Also, don’t sleep on their food. They have an awesome selection of appetizers and a large grill menu is also available. You’ll never know who will be hungry while you’re partying.

The outdoors serves as an extension of the club just with a slightly different vibe. Tao always brings it’s A game when it comes to DJ talent so be sure to check before you book. There have been so many big names that have played there throughout the years it’s just too many to count.

While Tao Beach might not be the first of all the pool parties that someone brings up, it is without a doubt one of the very best Las Vegas has to offer. Before you check out all those big named pool parties such as Wet Republic, Encore, and Daylight we suggest that you do not overlook Tao Beach. Stop looking any further and book your reservations today with Poolparty.com

Tao beach club

Vegas Pool Parties for June 2019

Hey all,

Poolparties.com is always looking to bring you the best of the best when it comes to pool party advice for, we’re going to take a quick look at what parties are coming up for June 2019. To start off, you should always check out the bigger venues and events such as Wet Republic, Daylight, Marquee, and Encore. You’ll be assured a great time is to be had, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t check out some of the rest of the pool parties that Vegas has to offer. Some examples are Liquid, Tao Beach is Kaos. They’re good spots to hang out and party but won’t give you the same super cramped feel the others might.

  • Liquid Thursday’s are always a good time. Every time the Poolparty.com crew has gone we’ve had a great time. It’s located in Aria, so many people don’t think of it as a top option, but it’s been picking up steam in the last few years.
  • Kaos Dayclub is another party that has gotten some attention lately. It’s located at the Palms, so it’s off the strip a bit. They’ve got some good performers coming around throughout the month such as Kaskade.
  • Tao Beach is a small, but the awesome venue. The service is amazing and the vibe is one of the best that Vegas has to offer. This is one spot that I would not miss.

Every Thursday through Sunday you can check for the specific DJ playing because that is what is going to determine your night out the majority of the time. Your cover fee, table price, and amount of people will differ depending on how big of a name the DJ has.


Best Pool Party Off The Strip

Best Off The Strip Pool Party Options


One of the coolest things about Las Vegas is that there are a ton of off the strip pool parties as well as on the strip party. One of the coolest off the strip pool parties there is at the M Resort. It or not this was actually my personal first party ever. Was one of the craziest times? I’ve ever had in Vegas. The day that I had gone. There was a party for the Las Vegas lingerie football team. To Say that it was wild would be a complete understatement. I must have only been off the plane for about 2 hours when I was heading towards the M resort and it was one of the best decisions that I had ever made. The thing is at first, I thought it was super laid back, but once the party got going. It definitely rivals that of the parties on the strip.

I must say it is a bit of a hike especially if you are a tourist. I would definitely suggest either renting a car or sucking it up and paying for a long Uber. It should take you about 40 minutes from the strip. The drive itself is honestly, not bad. On the way, you will be seeing a lot of great desert nature. It’ll feel like you’re driving to an oasis in the middle of the desert. Once you arrive it is pretty much like any other hotel on the strip. However, it has more of a small town feel if that makes sense. The staff was lovely and accommodating every step of the way. The check-in process was just the same as most of the pools I’ve ever been to. There are a lot of locals, but you Definitely won’t feel out of place, even if you’re a tourist. The locals will even give you some good information for your trip if you’re lucky.

So if you were somebody that is looking for a chilled out lower vibe than what you can find on the strip, the M resort is going to be the perfect option for you. Vegas 2019 has a lot to offer. You should definitely not overlook some of these off strip options.

We will be blogging about the more popular option in the days to come. Definitely has cheaper drinks and a cheaper cover to get in rather than any other party that you’re going to find on the strip. Granted, you will definitely have to pay. Either the Uber or for a rental car. However, again if you are looking for a less crazy environment for you to still let loose in this is a great option for you.


Check back to our blog for more information!

Encore Beach Club


Image result for encore beach club

In the event you missed out on the magnificent pool parties from the past couple few summers, we’ll take a moment to paint the picture for you. Featuring 40-foot palm trees surrounding three tiered pools and luxurious VIP cabanas and bungalows (they even have private bathrooms!), Encore Beach Club hosts a thrilling pool party scene that brings you music from the top DJs in the world and stunning bathing-suited party-goers.

pool party encore beach club

The season grand opening happens Saturday, April 4th featuring a headlining set by EDM icon and Wynn Resident, David Guetta. The 2015 season is sure to be the best ever as Encore Beach Club will present a broad selection of famous EDM talents, such as Afrojack, Diplo, and Alesso and more on-the-rise superstars.

During the regular summer season, Encore Beach Club will be Friday through Sunday {weather permitting} from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. No cover for local ladies. Visitor cover varies from day to day, but the biggest determining factor is who is DJing that day, so just be sure to take a look.

Cabana and table reservations are highly recommended: 702-770-7300. For more information, go to the Encore Beach Club website and check back in for upcoming events on their Event Calendar.