Kaos Closing! Vegas Pool Party Closed

Kaos Closing! Vegas Pool Party Closed

We didn’t see this one coming. Even though it was fairly recent when Kaos in Las Vegas opened it will now be closing. We didn’t hear any real rumors in the past few months, so we’re a bit surprised. We had previously written about Kaos, you can check it out in our some of our other blogs. Here’s a little bit about the venue itself.

The multi-level seventy-three,000-square-foot club opened in Apr 2019 as a part of the $690 million rework of the property. The dayclub and club feature 2 main pools with various aspect pools and was styled by the triumph design firm.

A 60-foot bronze sculpture by Damien Hirst titled “Demon with Bowl” dominated the pool space and therefore was one of the biggest statues in all of the Vegas venues. Kaos pool party may have been shut down, but we won’t forget the good times that were had there.

It was recently proclaimed that the hotel-casino planned to show the day club and club into a rounded venue. However, many folks are speculating that the venue would shut for the past few months. Those rumors intense when VP and head Jon grey resigned in October.

Recent performers at the club included Cardi B on Halloween night. Before that, Marshmello completed half an agreed-upon residency before calling it quits. future performers included J Blavin on Nov. 15.

Best “European Sunbathing” Experience in Vegas

Best “European Sunbathing” Experience in Vegas

Ready for more of an adult type of atmosphere at a Vegas pool party? Well, look no further, because Moorea Beach Club in Las Vegas is not exactly an all-out pool party like you might expect, however, some will be “all-out” if you catch my drift. You’ll see some sights here that you won’t see any of the other pool parties around town.

When we say a “European Sunbathing” Experience we mean you’re able to go fully topless. So if you’re looking to hang out with a bunch 21+ adults who are looking to really relax this may be the place for you. The views are great from the venue since it is atop the famous Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. So you’re in for a real treat in more than one way. Remember this is not a family pool by any stretch of the imagination, so do not make that mistake. If you’re with a family I’d suggest heading to the hotel pool.

You also won’t see many major DJs here either, but trust us it’s fun and really laid back. If you’re not used to this type of setting please do not act immature or reckless because you will be thrown out. This type of pool party is meant for mature adults who can handle themselves appropriately. Now with that being said, you can have a really great experience at a place like this. The vibes are kind of difference especially when you first enter, but once you’re feeling comfortable it can be a party like no other. So don’t think twice check out Moorea Pool Party for the best “European Sunbathing” Experience in Vegas.

Vegas Pool Party August

Vegas Pool Party August

Pool Party

So going to Vegas in August and not sure what to do? Well, you’re in the right place we’ve taken the time to look at a few big events coming up that you might want to check out. We looked at a few different events. Everyone knows you’re coming to Las Vegas to find the craziest pool parties there are, so we focused on pool parties in Vegas in August specifically. We looked at a bunch of different venues, but only a few stuck around. We’re only looking at the upcoming week of Vegas pool parties.


August 3rd, 2019

Zedd at Wet Republic Ultra 


This party looks like it’ll be a great one. Zedd always throws a wild party and his music is to die for. Zedd has become a Vegas legend holding residencies at several different clubs throughout the years. Wet Republic is always awesome during August. If you’re looking for a Vegas pool party in Vegas you won’t find much better than this.


August 2nd, 2019

DJ Snake at Encore Beach Club

DJ Snake is an awesome performer and will keep the party rocking all day long. At the Iconic Encore Beach club, you’ll have a hard time finding a venue that comes close! The beautiful red awnings and decorations will stick with you long after you the party. The party will always be memorable here, so don’t second guess it and check it out.


Last but Not Least


August 3rd, 2019

BassJackers at Daylight Beach Club

Even though it’s the same date as the Zedd Pool Party that we talked about earlier, we decided to also include this gem. If you’re looking for a great Vegas pool party to go to don’t overlook Daylight Beach Club. The BassJackers always go off at Daylight. It’s a dope place to party, so if you don’t decide to see Zedd that day this should be your choice!

You can’t go wrong picking any of these parties so have a good time! Check back to our blog here. 

Pool Party Spotlight Jemaa

Pool Party Spotlight Jemaa

Jemaa, the sleek and exciting pool party experience is at NoMad Las Vegas at Park MGM. We are pretty excited about this new spot. JEMAA – The NoMad Pool Party is what it has been branded as. If you haven’t seen the new MGM Park, you should really check it out. They did a lot of nice work there over the past few years and is positioning itself to be a marquee name on the strip for years to come. They are in a great spot and have a ton of foot traffic walking by. They also have a new “Eatly” area with some of the best Italian food you can find in Las Vegas. If that alone doesn’t draw people in, I’m not sure what will.  

Anyway back to what we came here for which is Jemaa the new pool party in MGM Park. You could check out their social networks @jemaalv you’ll see what we’re are talking about firsthand. Also, check out some of their upcoming events here

Jemaa pool party has a lot to offer and seems like it will be a mainstay for years to come. Many celebrities have been checking it out recently due to the more “sophisticated” atmosphere it portrays than some of the other pool party insanity. Another thing that has been mentioned time and time again is the food! Normally that’s not a huge selling point, but with the Jemaa pool party, you don’t need to shy away from ordering food there! Which for those looking for a more laid back time this can be a big draw. 

One thing we haven’t touched upon is that is also a rooftop venue, which always seems to be awesome. You can see a beautiful view while taking in the fun of the best up and coming pool party venues in Las Vegas. 


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 What Time Should I Show Up to a Vegas Pool Party?

What Time Should I Show Up to a Vegas Pool Party?

The first time going to any pool party can be sort of nerve-wracking for some people. There are usually a lot of questions leading up to the party such as, what to wear, when to show up to a pool party, and who is the DJ that’s playing. Today we are going to focus on the question “What time should I show up at a pool party?” To make things easier we’ll break it down into three quick categories; early, middle, or late. We’ll discuss the pros of each approach. We will, of course, talk about some of the cons as well, but for the most part, we will focus on the positives only. 

Most of this is just preference, but take it from people who are regulars and have been regulars for years at this point. Most of this is opinion coming from someone who lived there in the past and has had plenty of experience figuring out and testing different times to go. We’ll also go over some points that we don’t necessarily agree with just to give you all sides of the debate.


Early (11-1)

If you’re wondering “What time should I show up at a Vegas pool party?”, showing up early can be advantageous for a few different reasons. It takes the stress out of getting in; sometimes you can catch a day with a big DJ there and it can be difficult to get in at the door. Also, if you have a table you run into issues if you show too late. I would definitely suggest this option for all the big groups. It’ll help with managing the different types of personalities in the group too, so if you’re partying with any nervous folks, this has to be your choice. Even if you’re not the nervous type it will make your day just a bit easier and there will be fewer headaches to deal with. If you’re looking for peace of mind, do yourself a favor and show up early! 


Middle (1-3)

Ever here of showing up fashionably late? Well, if that’s your thing this should be your choice. If you don’t have a table sometimes the middle can be the most fun. You don’t have to rush in the morning to go out and you don’t have to deal with the line craziness that can be the beginning of the party. If you have a table double-check with the promoter that you’ll be allowed to show at these times. Rushing out in the morning can be a pain certainly because whether it’s gambling or partying, most people are up all night. The worst thing that could happen is they sell your table, but usually, as long as there’s communication there’ll be no issues. I’ve been involved in some of that nonsense and trust me it’s no fun whatsoever. It can put a damper on the day even if things do wind up working out. The best thing is that you don’t have to sit through the early lul of everyone finding their tables and starting drink. You’ll walk right into a great party atmosphere.


Late (3-6)

Usually, at this time there’s absolutely no line to deal with which is always nice. This can cause you to breeze right past the front gate and go directly into partying your day away. Another thing that’s cool is everyone is already ready to go! Sometimes if you get there early there can be a dead part of the day where you’re mostly sitting around watching everyone start to drink and it doesn’t get going until later on anyway. I wouldn’t worry about missing the DJ because usually, they go on really later in the party somewhere around 3:30- 4:00 Pm is a safe bet when they’ll start. However, you take the chance of the place being at capacity or having no tables left. This can be a hassle for some, but if the question “What time should I show up at a pool party?” goes through your end at all, I wouldn’t suggest late simply because you can run into more issues this way and that is no way to spend your day on vacation!


What time should I show up at a pool party? If that question is still going through your head I would probably call the venue and ask someone there all of your issues and they should have a good answer. Most of the time promoters can answer almost every question you’ll have, but if it’s more along the lines of the venue itself; do yourself a favor and call. Either way, check back at Poolparty.com for more information about Pool Parties in 2019.

5 Things To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:

5 Things To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:


1. Get a Cabana or Daybed

One of the major advantages of getting a cabana or a daybed is that you’ll have your own space and that will come in handy as the club gets more and more packed. One can assume if you’re going to a pool party you’re probably okay with crowds but if you don’t have a cabana you don’t really have a place to sit and this may even cause some people to leave eventually. Depending on where you go it might be a bit pricey however you’ll be able to order whatever drinks you want and even whatever food you want. For example, there are a lot of pool parties that offer all kinds of big crazy drinks however if you don’t have a cabana or a daybed they will be annoying to carry around. In my experience, getting a cabana just makes the whole day so much more comfortable.

2. Grab a Bite to Eat

beer by the pool

One of the little-known things at most pool parties as they actually have food. Most pool parties even have some pretty solid food if you actually give it a chance. Some will just have, like, chicken fingers and stuff like that as appetizers but others will have some serious entree options. 1 rookie mistake that you could definitely make at a pool party is not eating something whether you eat it before the party or during the party. Keeping a full stomach will likely soak up some of that alcohol that you’ll be taking in and allow you to feel a little better. So many times people come to pool parties and don’t eat at all and between the drinking and being in the sun all day they can run into some serious dehydration or passing out. That will obviously ruin your day out. With that being said I also don’t recommend eating ultra heavy because you’ll start to feel uncomfortable due to once again the alcohol and the heat. My best suggestion is to grab a quick appetizer such as chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks and that’ll usually keep it going long enough. There are so many food options around don’t think that this will be your only chance to eat throughout the day.

3. Go in the Pool

Vegas Pool parties

Now I know this next one might seem a little obvious however so many people actually go to pool parties and never step foot in the pool. Now you might have heard some stories and especially some unsavory stories about the cleanliness of the pools, but in my experience, I can’t say I’ve seen anything but clean pools, they are well taken care of by staff. Make sure you’re wearing proper attire to go in the pool because I cannot tell you how many times people jump in the pool and when they come out of the pool they have a little wardrobe malfunction and that is not usually optimal. So tie those bikini strings and those drawstrings on the board shorts and make sure nothing is going anywhere. As for rules in the pool, there really aren’t many, however, the same typical rules in a public pool will apply. No diving, be respectful, and no splashing. Depending on how crazy the party is they’ll usually let them know splashing thing go but obviously you should not be antagonizing people who are trying to just have a good time at the party.

4. Find Some Shade Near the Bar

especially if you don’t have a cabana or a daybed one thing that might be hard to find that a pool party is shade. Sometimes the only shade available is somewhere either tight to the bar or near the bathrooms. Obviously, you don’t want to be spending your entire day hanging out near the bathroom so the better choice would be to hang out by the bar. the thing with the bar is that it might get packed but as long as you are respectful and can find your own little niche it’s definitely the best space to cool down for a little bit. You have to understand that most of the crazing this is going to go on either in or around the pools but if you’re looking to just kind of chill out for a minute I recommend going to find some shade near the bar. There is usually also some covered space no matter which pool party choose, but they usually have people that move you along and push you along to keep the flow of people moving.

vegas pool party taps

5. Just Chill Out and Have a Good Time

lastly and most importantly you just need to chill out and have a good time. So many people build up the moment of a pool party to crazy degrees and that makes people tend to act a little wilder than they normally would. Trust me I get it usually when you do something like this it’s for a big occasion whether it’s a Bachelor or Bachelorette party or something along those lines oh, but you have to keep in mind that there are still many other people there and they are just trying to have a good time just like you. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people get thrown out because they cannot behave themselves. The worst part is usually it’s only one out of the entire group that will ruin it for everybody. Once again a pool party is whether you get a cabana or not, it is usually an inexpensive day so don’t be the one to ruin it for you and all the difference.

Best Season for a Vegas Pool Party

Best Season for a Vegas Pool Party

Vegas pool parties are always a good time but sometimes are better than others. Today we are going to walk you through the best and worst times for you to go experience a vegas pool party. So for starters normally they begin around March the end sometime around November. Now while it might seem like the obvious choice to say July and August, but many people would disagree with this. For starters, it definitely just preference, but let’s walk through some of the different options.

March and April

So the benefit of going to a pool party in March or April would be that it is not as packed as it would be in July and August and some people would actually prefer that. The problem is that you could actually get a cooler weather day. I definitely suggest checking the weather before you book because if you go and it turns out to be an overcast 70° day it is not going to be as fun as it would be otherwise. And again this is just preference because many people would actually prefer a chill atmosphere however if you’re going to vegas usually looking to party and you’re looking to party hard so this would not be the most ideal time to go.

May and June

In my personal opinion, these 2 months is the ideal time to go to a vegas pool party. It is hot enough with a pool be refreshing and the crowd will be big, but it is not as hot as the summer months of July and August, so you don’t run the risk of being totally uncomfortable while you’re there. You might be wondering about talent, but don’t forget it is las vegas and all the resident DJs are some of the biggest names in the industry so I really wouldn’t worry about the DJs. This is the best season for a vegas pool party.

July and August

Many people’s pick would be July and August for the best time to go to a vegas pool party. One big reason is the time when most people will be on vacation, so naturally, you’ll get the biggest crowds and the wildest times. Some different reasons are the crowd will be big, DJ talent will be on point, and the weather will ninety-nine percent of the time very hot and clear. After living in vegas for a year I can confirm that they will only rain about one to two times per year. For some people that might be going during July and August that might be a good idea to ask the host for a covered table. It might not put you directly next to the pool, however, you’ll usually appreciate that cover about halfway through the party when the sun is baking on you all day long.

September – November

Now for the rest of the country normally September through November is considered the fall, however in las vegas, these months are still super hot and generally, most people are still partying their butts off. You’d be surprised at how hot these months actually are out there so if that’s a concern of yours wouldn’t worry about it at all. They honestly have a similar feel to May and June in terms of crowd and atmosphere. The only problem with these months is that this is the one most people have trouble traveling and they won’t be as crowded so if you’re looking to have a wild time there are better choices for your vegas pool party. This is probably not the best season for a vegas pool party.


Like I said before there’s really no bad time to enjoy Vegas pool party, however, there are definitely are preferred times. There never a need to worry about the music. I’ve seen a ton a good DJ sets from resident DJs. The only time I’d really worry about that is if you’re someone who doesn’t love a huge crowd, because if you go see someone like Tiesto or Marshmellow it will be absolutely packed. While I wouldn’t suggest going to a pool party if you don’t like crowds in the first place, but make sure you double-check or you’ll feel like you can’t move. The other solution is to spring for bottles and tables because it will at least give you somewhere to chill out for a bit if it gets to be too much. No matter whe

n you go it will be a guaranteed good time it just depends on what you’re actually looking for. Most locals, at least, don’t need or want the biggest crowds, but if it’s uncommon for you I would suggest May & June or July & August for the best and wildest experiences.

vegas 2019 pool party

Keep checking back for more information and tips and tricks for you to have the best possible time at a pool party.

How to beat the Heat At a Pool Party

How to Beat the Heat At a Pool Party


The best days to go to a pool party or the days that are hot, of course, but some days that he can just become outright unbearable. Poolparty.com is going to take you through a few ways to beat the heat while you’re at a pool party. You definitely have to be aware because the heat can just zap all the fun out of the day if you’re not careful.  There are plenty of things to worry about such as sunburn, staying hydrated, and just being comfortable. It’s actually pretty crazy how many people don’t last an entire pool party. Whether it’s forgetting to drink water or just not having the right sunblock for the day that can really put a damper on you and your group’s party. You might be surprised but most of these issues can be easily avoided if you know what you’re doing. 


Tell The Promoter What You Want

Most people that come to Vegas or Miami or any of the big pool parties don’t know any better and just go with whatever the promoter tells them. One thing that you could do is ask for a table that is not directly in the Sun. This is one option that I wish more people would take the opportunity to do.  it definitely makes it easier to just go along with the promoter but if you are stuck on having one particular type of table don’t let them talk you into anything else. Now of course sometimes when all of the covered tables are taken and that’s just Logistics but hey it’s worth a try for you not to be out in the sun baking all day long.

Bring Sunscreen 

This might be more obvious to some of you out there, but please don’t forget it. Is really not too much to say about it they won’t give you a hard time bringing it in however if you do forget it they will charge you a pretty silly amount some sunscreen once you’re inside. So make a trip to Walgreens (there are some on the strip)  and pick some up for you to go in. One last thing make sure if you jump in the pool you reapply after you get out that’s about it for that.

Wear a Hat

One more thing that you can definitely do is to wear a hat-wearing a hat can give you some more shade but it will also keep your scalp from burning which a lot of people also forget about. I’ve heard countless stories about people not getting sunburned anywhere else but the places that they forget about such as your scalp, the tops of your feet, and your face. Most places won’t give you any type of an issue about almost any had that you decide to wear however this should not be over the top or ridiculous because you may be turned away. My suggestion would be to grab and nice snapback or even a bucket hat keep yourself out of the Sun.

 So all and all these are poolparty.com’s ways to beat the heat at a pool party. Don’t hesitate today and book your tickets with us.

Pool Party


Pool Party Insider Tip: Options Discussed

Pool Party Insider Tip: Options Discussed

One thing to know is that it will be a very tough thing to store your stuff during a pool party. There are a few different options for you although they are not always the best honestly. I’ve seen a lot of phones go down in my day. Some pools will have lockers for you to put your stuff in which is nice but usually comes with a small upcharge and with the amount of money that you normally spend at a pool party already most people want to save where they can. There are several options which include, lockers, pockets, or an active wristband for pool parties. Now, let’s break down the different options.

1. Carry Your Belongings on Your Person

While this will definitely The best option in terms of security it does definitely limit you to certain things for example like going in the pool. In my opinion, after going to so many different pool parties I honestly don’t even go anywhere near the pool, this is a fine option for you. For most newcomers, you definitely going to want to enjoy the pool so this is usually not the best option for you. If this option sounds good to you, I would go and make sure that my bathing suit has some type of pockets. You’d be surprised how many bathing suits don’t have pockets.

2. Lockers

Now we briefly mentioned lockers earlier and let’s just go through the ins and outs quickly. The cool thing is that you can be relatively certain that nobody will be breaking into your locker and it’ll give you a space to go to in kind of chill out for a moment if need be. Now it’s not the best place to chill out usually because there are no seats and it’s usually near the bathroom however it does give you an excuse to get up and leave this again you feel the need. The bad thing about this is that it usually comes with some type of an upcharge. usually at a pool party, you’ll be spending quite a bit of money and you are trying to see where they can. So if you have the funds and you don’t mind I would probably suggest going in the locker route however there are still other options that’ll be more cost-effective and give you the same piece of mind.

an active wrsitband for pool parties

3. Wear an Active Wristband

Now, this really should be number #1 if we were ranking these options because simply put it’s the best! Spending a couple of bucks on an active wristband for pool parties would be highly recommended. Now we know it’s just another expense added on to your trip, but it is worth every penny! You can look for one that is waterproof as well, so no matter where the craziness of the party takes you-you’ll be ready to go!

Most Underrated Pool Party on The Strip

Most Underrated Pool Party on The Strip

Tao beachSo you’ve probably heard of all the most popular pools weather would be wet Republic Encore Beach Club Daylight at Mandalay Bay or even the go pool or chaos but we are here to tell you our opinion of the most underrated pool party on the entire strip. We took a lot into consideration we took price, atmosphere, venue itself, and the type of vibe. There are a lot of different parties that popped into her head but I think the most underrated on all of the strip has to be Tao Beach Club.


Weighing most heavily in our decision is the vibe – Tao Beach Club probably has the best vibe of the entire strip. It’s definitely smaller and maybe a little less crazy than some of the bigger ones however if you’re looking for just a genuinely great time with good people we definitely suggest that you take a look at Tao Beach Club. They have a lot of themed drinks, and a good selection of food as well. It is also in a beautiful Casino which also makes a decision a little easier because you’ll be able to take in the beautiful scenery on your way to and from the party which is always nice. 


Tao Beach

All in all, it depends on what you’re looking for, but don’t overlook some of the smaller venues when trying to decide your party place! You never know what you’ll experience in a place like this! 

Take it from someone who lived there! Either way, don’t wait and book your party through poolparty.com. See you soon!