I’m Going to Miami Should I Go To a Pool Party?

I’m Going to Miami Should I Go To a Pool Party?


Well for starters the answer is most definitely yes. Some people head to Miami without much of a plan, and while that’s OK we wouldn’t suggest it. I would definitely plan out a trip to one of Miami’s top pool parties for so many reasons. One reason is that while the beach might be fun and enough for some folks if you’re looking to really party the beach just won’t cut it. Some beaches will have a beach bar, but it’ll often time be overrun by older individuals who don’t want to be in the middle of all the action, so you can have a good time, but it won’t be the party atmosphere you might be looking for.

Miami Pool Party

With all that being said, even if you’re not looking to go absolutely wild, you can still have a really great time at a pool party. The only thing I would suggest is for you to rent a cabana or a table, so you can feel like a part of the party when you want, but you’ll also have the option to chill and just relax if that’s what you’re looking for.

Miami Beach Pool Party

We previously documented some great spots to check out while you’re in Miami, so take a look at our post prior to this one and you’ll see some of our top picks. Here’s a little secret though, you really can’t go wrong wherever you pick in Miami! The amazing thing about Miami is the weather always seems to be perfect for a pool party. It’s usually hot, but not too hot and humid enough where the pool feels so damn refreshing. 

So if you ever feel yourself asking, “I’m Going to Miami Should I Go To a Pool Party?” The answer is most definitely yes! See you there, because I know I’ll be there!

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