How to beat the Heat At a Pool Party

How to Beat the Heat At a Pool Party


The best days to go to a pool party or the days that are hot, of course, but some days that he can just become outright unbearable. is going to take you through a few ways to beat the heat while you’re at a pool party. You definitely have to be aware because the heat can just zap all the fun out of the day if you’re not careful.  There are plenty of things to worry about such as sunburn, staying hydrated, and just being comfortable. It’s actually pretty crazy how many people don’t last an entire pool party. Whether it’s forgetting to drink water or just not having the right sunblock for the day that can really put a damper on you and your group’s party. You might be surprised but most of these issues can be easily avoided if you know what you’re doing. 


Tell The Promoter What You Want

Most people that come to Vegas or Miami or any of the big pool parties don’t know any better and just go with whatever the promoter tells them. One thing that you could do is ask for a table that is not directly in the Sun. This is one option that I wish more people would take the opportunity to do.  it definitely makes it easier to just go along with the promoter but if you are stuck on having one particular type of table don’t let them talk you into anything else. Now of course sometimes when all of the covered tables are taken and that’s just Logistics but hey it’s worth a try for you not to be out in the sun baking all day long.

Bring Sunscreen 

This might be more obvious to some of you out there, but please don’t forget it. Is really not too much to say about it they won’t give you a hard time bringing it in however if you do forget it they will charge you a pretty silly amount some sunscreen once you’re inside. So make a trip to Walgreens (there are some on the strip)  and pick some up for you to go in. One last thing make sure if you jump in the pool you reapply after you get out that’s about it for that.

Wear a Hat

One more thing that you can definitely do is to wear a hat-wearing a hat can give you some more shade but it will also keep your scalp from burning which a lot of people also forget about. I’ve heard countless stories about people not getting sunburned anywhere else but the places that they forget about such as your scalp, the tops of your feet, and your face. Most places won’t give you any type of an issue about almost any had that you decide to wear however this should not be over the top or ridiculous because you may be turned away. My suggestion would be to grab and nice snapback or even a bucket hat keep yourself out of the Sun.

 So all and all these are’s ways to beat the heat at a pool party. Don’t hesitate today and book your tickets with us.

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