Best Season for a Vegas Pool Party

Best Season for a Vegas Pool Party

Vegas pool parties are always a good time but sometimes are better than others. Today we are going to walk you through the best and worst times for you to go experience a vegas pool party. So for starters normally they begin around March the end sometime around November. Now while it might seem like the obvious choice to say July and August, but many people would disagree with this. For starters, it definitely just preference, but let’s walk through some of the different options.

March and April

So the benefit of going to a pool party in March or April would be that it is not as packed as it would be in July and August and some people would actually prefer that. The problem is that you could actually get a cooler weather day. I definitely suggest checking the weather before you book because if you go and it turns out to be an overcast 70° day it is not going to be as fun as it would be otherwise. And again this is just preference because many people would actually prefer a chill atmosphere however if you’re going to vegas usually looking to party and you’re looking to party hard so this would not be the most ideal time to go.

May and June

In my personal opinion, these 2 months is the ideal time to go to a vegas pool party. It is hot enough with a pool be refreshing and the crowd will be big, but it is not as hot as the summer months of July and August, so you don’t run the risk of being totally uncomfortable while you’re there. You might be wondering about talent, but don’t forget it is las vegas and all the resident DJs are some of the biggest names in the industry so I really wouldn’t worry about the DJs. This is the best season for a vegas pool party.

July and August

Many people’s pick would be July and August for the best time to go to a vegas pool party. One big reason is the time when most people will be on vacation, so naturally, you’ll get the biggest crowds and the wildest times. Some different reasons are the crowd will be big, DJ talent will be on point, and the weather will ninety-nine percent of the time very hot and clear. After living in vegas for a year I can confirm that they will only rain about one to two times per year. For some people that might be going during July and August that might be a good idea to ask the host for a covered table. It might not put you directly next to the pool, however, you’ll usually appreciate that cover about halfway through the party when the sun is baking on you all day long.

September – November

Now for the rest of the country normally September through November is considered the fall, however in las vegas, these months are still super hot and generally, most people are still partying their butts off. You’d be surprised at how hot these months actually are out there so if that’s a concern of yours wouldn’t worry about it at all. They honestly have a similar feel to May and June in terms of crowd and atmosphere. The only problem with these months is that this is the one most people have trouble traveling and they won’t be as crowded so if you’re looking to have a wild time there are better choices for your vegas pool party. This is probably not the best season for a vegas pool party.


Like I said before there’s really no bad time to enjoy Vegas pool party, however, there are definitely are preferred times. There never a need to worry about the music. I’ve seen a ton a good DJ sets from resident DJs. The only time I’d really worry about that is if you’re someone who doesn’t love a huge crowd, because if you go see someone like Tiesto or Marshmellow it will be absolutely packed. While I wouldn’t suggest going to a pool party if you don’t like crowds in the first place, but make sure you double-check or you’ll feel like you can’t move. The other solution is to spring for bottles and tables because it will at least give you somewhere to chill out for a bit if it gets to be too much. No matter whe n you go it will be a guaranteed good time it just depends on what you’re actually looking for. Most locals, at least, don’t need or want the biggest crowds, but if it’s uncommon for you I would suggest May & June or July & August for the best and wildest experiences. vegas 2019 pool party

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