Pool Party Insider Tip: Options Discussed

Pool Party Insider Tip: Options Discussed

One thing to know is that it will be a very tough thing to store your stuff during a pool party. There are a few different options for you although they are not always the best honestly. I’ve seen a lot of phones go down in my day. Some pools will have lockers for you to put your stuff in which is nice but usually comes with a small upcharge and with the amount of money that you normally spend at a pool party already most people want to save where they can. There are several options which include, lockers, pockets, or an active wristband for pool parties. Now, let’s break down the different options.

1. Carry Your Belongings on Your Person

While this will definitely The best option in terms of security it does definitely limit you to certain things for example like going in the pool. In my opinion, after going to so many different pool parties I honestly don’t even go anywhere near the pool, this is a fine option for you. For most newcomers, you definitely going to want to enjoy the pool so this is usually not the best option for you. If this option sounds good to you, I would go and make sure that my bathing suit has some type of pockets. You’d be surprised how many bathing suits don’t have pockets.

2. Lockers

Now we briefly mentioned lockers earlier and let’s just go through the ins and outs quickly. The cool thing is that you can be relatively certain that nobody will be breaking into your locker and it’ll give you a space to go to in kind of chill out for a moment if need be. Now it’s not the best place to chill out usually because there are no seats and it’s usually near the bathroom however it does give you an excuse to get up and leave this again you feel the need. The bad thing about this is that it usually comes with some type of an upcharge. usually at a pool party, you’ll be spending quite a bit of money and you are trying to see where they can. So if you have the funds and you don’t mind I would probably suggest going in the locker route however there are still other options that’ll be more cost-effective and give you the same piece of mind. an active wrsitband for pool parties

3. Wear an Active Wristband

Now, this really should be number #1 if we were ranking these options because simply put it’s the best! Spending a couple of bucks on an active wristband for pool parties would be highly recommended. Now we know it’s just another expense added on to your trip, but it is worth every penny! You can look for one that is waterproof as well, so no matter where the craziness of the party takes you-you’ll be ready to go!



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