5 Things Not To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:

5 Things Not To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:

Go in the Pool

Pool Party Now I know this might seem a little ridiculous to put go in the pool as something not to do it to Vegas pool party but I figured I’d put it first and get it out of the way. The reason that this is first is usually after the initial craziness of your first Vegas pool party, most people tend to actually stay out of the pool. Think about it you spend all morning getting ready to look your best and then within an hour or so the party you wind up in the pool and now your makeup is a mess and your outfit is not looking its best. While some might have no issue with this many other people feel like it is not optimal to go from wet to dry so well a lot I can do a lot of fun we do think you should think about it before you go in. Some of you may have thought we might have been talking about the cleanliness of the pool but honestly and our experience most of the pools have been very clean. I wouldn’t let cleanliness be an issue for you if you’re deciding whether you want to go in or not. On the flip side usually, the weather is pretty warm so if you decide to go and you can usually dry up relatively quickly but it’s just something to think about.

Stay in the Sun

Now here is a big rookie mistake. There are several different reasons why you should not stay in the Sun the entire time for starters sunburns hurt. Make sure you wear some type of sunblock to these pool parties because you never know where you going to be spending most of your time and if you’re in the sun it can lead to a pretty gnarly sunburn. Even if you’re that friend that never Burns I would still go to be cautious and apply some sunblock because Vegas heat in the Vegas Sun can be kind of tough. They do sell it at the clubs however I must say it is very overpriced so make sure you stop at a CVS or Walgreens before you go and yes they are there are few on the Strip so just keep a lookout. Another reason why it’s not good to stay in the sun is that you can become dehydrated very easily. Why the water should be readily available at the club having access to it isn’t always the easiest to make sure that you plan ahead and go well hydrated. It can be sneaky and I can catch up quickly so just be sure to mix in a few glasses of water in between your drinks. I’ve seen too many peoples days and early due to the fact of something like heat exhaustion so don’t ruin your day and ruin your group outing just because you didn’t drink enough water.

Don’t Overdrink

overdrinking pool party Another big mistake that a lot of people make is that they tend to over drink at a pool party. Whether it’s the feeling of wow this is my first pool party or we’re going hard because it soon so is a bachelor party, there’s a tendency for people to over drink. Many people don’t realize that how long will really be out there drinking for let’s say you show up at 11 and you get in right away you could potentially be drinking for about 7 hours straight. Also if you have a cabana or they are looking to keep the drinks flowing in the hopes that you’ll buy more at the end of that bottle. Just be aware of your drinking and take it slow.

Come Dressed Like it’s a Nightclub

Club attire Now another thing you see whenever you go to a pool party is people getting thrown out before they get in just because of the way they’re dressed. You have to have swim attire only and there are also a lot of other rules that pool party is put in place for whatever reason such as in no jerseys or no cargo shorts. Those are just two examples but we recommend that you check in with the venue itself and see exactly what rules they have. It’s kind of comical when you see certain people roll up to pool party in a button down and slacks thinking that it is more like a club. Please make sure that you check ahead so you aren’t an inconvenience to your group.  

Forget to Drink Water

water pool party I know we touched upon the drinking water earlier in this blog however it’s so important that we just decided to talk about it twice. It really sucks watching people get taken out or carried out because of a lack of water. Their day is ruined and usually, there’s not the same feeling in the group after one of your friends is taken out for something as serious as dehydration. So even if you have to buy the waters make sure you spring for it. Be smart out there and be healthy. Other than that kickback and relax an awesome day of partying by the pool.



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