5 Things To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:

5 Things To Do At a Vegas Pool Party:


1. Get a Cabana or Daybed

One of the major advantages of getting a cabana or a daybed is that you’ll have your own space and that will come in handy as the club gets more and more packed. One can assume if you’re going to a pool party you’re probably okay with crowds but if you don’t have a cabana you don’t really have a place to sit and this may even cause some people to leave eventually. Depending on where you go it might be a bit pricey however you’ll be able to order whatever drinks you want and even whatever food you want. For example, there are a lot of pool parties that offer all kinds of big crazy drinks however if you don’t have a cabana or a daybed they will be annoying to carry around. In my experience, getting a cabana just makes the whole day so much more comfortable.

2. Grab a Bite to Eat

beer by the pool One of the little-known things at most pool parties as they actually have food. Most pool parties even have some pretty solid food if you actually give it a chance. Some will just have, like, chicken fingers and stuff like that as appetizers but others will have some serious entree options. 1 rookie mistake that you could definitely make at a pool party is not eating something whether you eat it before the party or during the party. Keeping a full stomach will likely soak up some of that alcohol that you’ll be taking in and allow you to feel a little better. So many times people come to pool parties and don’t eat at all and between the drinking and being in the sun all day they can run into some serious dehydration or passing out. That will obviously ruin your day out. With that being said I also don’t recommend eating ultra heavy because you’ll start to feel uncomfortable due to once again the alcohol and the heat. My best suggestion is to grab a quick appetizer such as chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks and that’ll usually keep it going long enough. There are so many food options around don’t think that this will be your only chance to eat throughout the day.

3. Go in the Pool

Vegas Pool parties Now I know this next one might seem a little obvious however so many people actually go to pool parties and never step foot in the pool. Now you might have heard some stories and especially some unsavory stories about the cleanliness of the pools, but in my experience, I can’t say I’ve seen anything but clean pools, they are well taken care of by staff. Make sure you’re wearing proper attire to go in the pool because I cannot tell you how many times people jump in the pool and when they come out of the pool they have a little wardrobe malfunction and that is not usually optimal. So tie those bikini strings and those drawstrings on the board shorts and make sure nothing is going anywhere. As for rules in the pool, there really aren’t many, however, the same typical rules in a public pool will apply. No diving, be respectful, and no splashing. Depending on how crazy the party is they’ll usually let them know splashing thing go but obviously you should not be antagonizing people who are trying to just have a good time at the party.

4. Find Some Shade Near the Bar

especially if you don’t have a cabana or a daybed one thing that might be hard to find that a pool party is shade. Sometimes the only shade available is somewhere either tight to the bar or near the bathrooms. Obviously, you don’t want to be spending your entire day hanging out near the bathroom so the better choice would be to hang out by the bar. the thing with the bar is that it might get packed but as long as you are respectful and can find your own little niche it’s definitely the best space to cool down for a little bit. You have to understand that most of the crazing this is going to go on either in or around the pools but if you’re looking to just kind of chill out for a minute I recommend going to find some shade near the bar. There is usually also some covered space no matter which pool party choose, but they usually have people that move you along and push you along to keep the flow of people moving. vegas pool party taps

5. Just Chill Out and Have a Good Time

lastly and most importantly you just need to chill out and have a good time. So many people build up the moment of a pool party to crazy degrees and that makes people tend to act a little wilder than they normally would. Trust me I get it usually when you do something like this it’s for a big occasion whether it’s a Bachelor or Bachelorette party or something along those lines oh, but you have to keep in mind that there are still many other people there and they are just trying to have a good time just like you. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people get thrown out because they cannot behave themselves. The worst part is usually it’s only one out of the entire group that will ruin it for everybody. Once again a pool party is whether you get a cabana or not, it is usually an inexpensive day so don’t be the one to ruin it for you and all the difference.



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